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From Michael Young <>
Subject A timestamp problem when building jar/war files in ANT
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2002 23:13:26 GMT
Hi everybody,

I am having a very strange problem, and I haven't seen it on the
ant mail archives, so I thought I'd post it here to see if I can
get some pointers from you gurus.

I'm running Ant 1.4.1/JDK1.3.1_05 on W2K.  I also tried the new
Ant 1.5 but got the same problem.

Ok, here's my problem.  I have a bunch of files in a directory,
and these files all have PST timestamp (e.g. 11/05/2002 3:20PM).
But in the jar/war file built by ANT, all of the files have a
timestamp that's 8 hours ahead.  If I use jar command directly,
then I don't have this problem.  Only when using Ant.  It looks
like my local time is being converted to GMT, but it's not 
converted back.  The timezone on my W2K is set to PST (America/LA).

This is causing a big headache for me, because all my JSP pages
are 8 hours ahead, so as a result, for the first 8 hours, my app
server has to recompile all these JSP pages each time they are

Seems like a bug in ANT.

Has anyone seen this before?

Thanks!  /Michael.

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