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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: "Elements of Ant Style": the ./lib directory
Date Sat, 02 Nov 2002 22:25:56 GMT
Ken Gentle wrote:

> While I haven't (yet) gone to the level of defining a version property, 
> this is what is spec'ed in the properties file - one or more "jars", 
> including version information in the path (usually).

The .version properties are just the way I developed doing it, but 
again, nothing wrong with defining it your way.  I do need two 
properties for some libraries, such as Struts.  The TLD and DTD files 
are needed, so I use struts.dir and struts.version.  I define both a 
.dir and .jar (and .version too) for all libraries, but the only one 
that is used in the build for most is a .jar property.

> I'd already pulled CruiseControl (and gotten it into the environment) to 
> use as a CI engine, when I revisited Maven (prompted by a Javaworld 
> article, maybe?)  Maven looks really nice -- maybe it'll be worth the 
> effort to switch over...

For the record, I've still not used Maven other than to try it out to 
build some of the Commons projects that require it now.

> No argument there -- but since we're all going to be generating them 
> with XDoclet (Ch. 14!) now, there will be a lot less pain! (My 
> compatriot is pushing this one - I've never used it, but is has to be 
> better than maintaining all those descriptors by hand!)

XDoclet, yeah baby!  A subject dear to my heart.  I'm using it full-on 
in our builds and its working very nicely.  The 1.2beta release is quite 
  a nice improvement.  Its not without its share of caveats, though, but 
I'd never do EJB without it.  And its great for one-off passive 
generation (I generate starter Struts JSP and corresponding field label 
resource definitions with it).

If you are maintaining descriptors by hand, run, don't walk, to your 
nearest web browser and download and try XDoclet.


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