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From "Markus Dettori" <>
Subject Re: For-loop in Ant
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 10:56:15 GMT

> > But you're still not saying what you're doing ;-) 
> ?!? Thought I told you in the last posting.

Ok, just a brief description of the things I'm doing:
I will invoke a load test.
So the testsuites and tests are called via the <junit> ant task.
These tests are generated and because they are testing the db the
values must sometimes be unique. So far, the tests are executable 
multiple in a row or just as a single test suite.
To prepare these tests running in parallel we have to be unique too.
If we start a testsuite, the second in parallel started testsuite 
has to differ in values from the previously started ones.

I give a jvmarg -D when I start the tests, so its possible to start
one generated testsuite with generated values 
with the extension of this option, to be unique on db.
This start can be done handish by changing the property for the 
count of the testsuite instance. 

Now I will do it automatically, but the <foreach> task is somehow
sequential. <foreach2> has the disadvantage to change the ant stuff.
The next problem is that <foreach> uses internally <antcall>, but this
is the next step.

I will give a property list foreach requires and with the actual property I
extracted from this list I will start my 1,2,3,4,.. testsuite-s. 
Sequentially no problem, but in parallel impossible so far. 

@Dominique: now you got your brief description ;-)

Thanks for hints,

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