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From "David Colton (ext. 799)" <>
Subject RE: diff utility
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 13:29:19 GMT

I've wrapped:

in an ant task and it works very well (I had to tweak the original source
above a bit). If there are differences in any file a .diff files is created
that looks as if you ran diff from a prompt. The great thing about this is
that if platform independent.

Basically I pass a fileset of (generated) files I want to compare and a
parameter that points to the directory containing the original files (in my
implementation I never have sub directories in either generated or source
but it should work). As well as sending output to the screen you can also
specify a log file for the process.

Upon completion of the test a pass / fail result property is set.

This is what it looks like in my build file:

		<compareFiles otherDirectory="${}.original"
			<fileset dir="${}.generated">
				<include name="${these.files}"/>
		<echo message="Test Result: ${test.result}${line.separator}"

I can share this if you want but I must warn you that this is designed
purely for what I need. It doesn't check that matching file exists in the
"otherDirectory" though this would be easy enough to do I don't need it. I
have no documentation etc.

It's would be a good starting point for you but I doubt I would have time to
ever round off the rough edges.


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From: Yaron Ruckenstein []
Sent: 05 December 2002 11:04
To: Ant-User
Subject: diff utility


Is there a diff task (Unix style) for Ant ?

Thanks, Yaron

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