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From Bill Winspur <>
Subject Re: one to bind them all-not solvable?
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2003 00:17:40 GMT
We use a few generic builds for many apps on NT. The following
summarizes the approach.

1.   My ide and ant share the application source directories.

1a  In the root directory of the source, i put a properties file
      that contains options used by the build, e.g. where the output
      goes, what extensions are needed to permit compilation, etc.
      This property file is what permits the central ant builds to be
      generic with respect to applications.

2.  The ide is used to change code and get clean compiles.

3.  A few, centrally controlled ant builds are used to create and
     deploy jar, ear, war, and zip files for all projects.
     Only when developing a desktop client do we actually execute
      the ide-generated class files, and that's just while testing. In
      production all executables are in jars.

4.  On the NT execition path, I have an nt bat file (runMyBuild)
     that starts a central build.

5.  I position the NT command window to the shared source
     directory and manually execute runMyBuild. Recently I've switched
      to starting ant from my IDE (intellij idea), in which case a generic,
      minimal, proxy ant build takes over the role of runMyBuild, i.e.
      launching a central build script.

6. runMyBuild copies the central ant build file into the current
    (source) directory and calls ant to do the build. During execution,
    the build references the property file stashed in the source root.

7. When ant is finished, runMyBuild deletes the copied build file from
    the source directory, so that build files dont lie around to be evolved
    ad hoc.

Hope this helps,

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From: "Dean Hiller" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, January 04, 2003 9:07 AM
Subject: one to bind them all-not solvable?

> I am working on a project with many modules or services developed
> independently.  We have the same exact build file for every one!!!
>  Instead of having many, I would like to only have one in the base level
> directory.  when I do an "ant -find", I would like it to compile the
> project of whose directory I am in.  I also want the basedir property to
> be set to that project.  This seems like a stretch and not possible.
>  Any ideas?
> My directory structure
> Base
>       single build.xml for each project
>       serviceA
>              src
>              build
>       serviceB
>              src
>              buil
>        serviceC
>              src
>              build
> The baseDir of build.xml should be set to the serviceC if I am executing
> "ant -find" from Base/serviceC/src.  Possibly, I am going about this the
> wrong way.  Any out of the box ideas appreciated here too.  Has anybody
> else run into having so many of the same exact build files?  How do you
> deal with this?  We currently have to copy our changes to each one.  I
> would much prefer a change that takes affect across the board.
> thanks,
> Dean
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