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From Mark Smith <>
Subject jar update quesiton
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 19:21:10 GMT

I've been looking through this newsgroup and couldn't find someone that
asked this particular question...  How do I use the <jar> task to update
a jar file when only a few files in it has been updated? 

For example, when doing daily development, I compile my entire codebase,
then jar up a chunk of it for my applet/webstart stuff, then I start my
application, all within ant.  So for the <jar> task, I only want files
that have been updated to be updated to the jar.  I don't want the
entire jar file to be recreated.

I've played with the update and duplicate options in the <jar> task and
ran in --verbose mode but can't get the effect I'm looking for..  Seems
like no matter what I do, whenever a file is updated, the <jar> task
adds an entry for *every* file, not just the updated files.  Also, the
ant documentation does not state what the possible values are for the
"update" tag within the <jar> task.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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