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From Robert Nicholson <>
Subject Updating a war file?
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 09:46:30 GMT
I'm currently trying to build jportal the example for jetspeed and I 
noticed some comments in build.xml that suggest that it's not reliable 
to update the war file.

!-- for Ant 1.4    -^M
      <jar jarfile="${dist.home}/${}.war" ^M
         basedir="${build.home}" update="yes">^M

<!-- for Ant 1.5.1+ (Dont use 1.5.0: there is a bug in 1.5.0, and jar 
update is
broken) ^M
      <jar destfile="${dist.home}/${}.war"  ^M
   I am so sick of this Ant bug. Jar update works great in Ant 1.4^M
   In 1.5.0, it just plain dont work^M
   In 1.5.1, it worked its intermittent and madness.^M
   Im going to skip ant and just exec the freakin thang^M
<exec dir="." executable="jar">^M
   <arg line="-uf dist/jportal.war ./bin"/>^M

I've commented some of the rules out to experiment a bit.

The problem seems to result from the fact that it thinks the files in 
the jar file are already uptodate.

Is that reliable or not?

This jetspeed example basically wants to copy the original jetspeed.war 
and then update it with some files specifically for the jportal.jar but 
with the above code the war copied from jetspeed.war isn't being 

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