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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Need help on creating a task
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 05:28:36 GMT
On Friday, January 31, 2003, at 12:08  AM, Janet Abdul-Karim wrote:
> In response to the 2nd email you sent me when I use the 
> .getProject().getName() where does that info come from.  Does it come 
> from the .xml file where i did give the project the name.  Maybe if I 
> understood that I could understand how the class and the .xml file 
> works.  thanks in advance for all your help.

At this point I have to ask that you do a little trial and error on 
your own.  You tell me, what does it return you?  And how does that 
jive with the XML file?  Dig into Ant's source code - its more 
approachable than you might think.  Have a look at the Javadocs.  Use 
an IDE(A!) that lets you navigate source code like you're kayaking down 
a big ol' whitewater river effortlessly.  The answers are right before 
you, just have a peek.  (no offense intended here - I'm happy to share 
info, but the biggest gift I can give is how to find that info yourself)

I'm not sure what info you're fishing for here - 
getProperty("") will give you the project name, and 
there really isn't much need to get anything from the Project object 


p.s. But yes, getName() returns the project name too.  getDescription 
returns the project <description> as well, which is not available as an 
Ant property.

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