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Subject Re: Urgent problem (Thanks for any Help)
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 16:11:00 GMT

I created within my WebSphere project a simple echo.xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <project name="Echo" default="echo" basedir=".">
      <target name="echo">
         <echo message="HELLO from echo"/>
      <target name="dir">
         <echo message="dir of ${basedir}:"/>
         <exec dir="${basedir}" executable="cmd.exe">
            <arg line="/c dir"/>

I followed the instructions as laid down in the  help Doc

 Running Ant outside Application Developer (command line)                   
 The following steps show you how to run your build script outside          
 Application Developer from a Windows® command line.                        
    1. Set up your PATH to use the internal JRE:                            
       set PATH=x:\Ws_installdir                                            
    2. Set up your CLASSPATH with the Ant JAR and the Xerces parser JAR     
       (this command must be all on one line):                              
       set CLASSPATH=x:\Ws_installdir\plugins\org.eclipse.ant.core\ant.jar; 
    3. Set up your ANT.HOME environment variable:                           
       set ANT.HOME=x:\Ws_installdir\plugins\org.eclipse.core               
    4. Use Java to run Ant and pass in the build script file and desired    
       targets (this command must be all on one line):                      
       java -verbose -buildfile x:                
       \Ws_installdir\MYWORKSPACENAME\MYPROJECTNAME\echo.xml echo dir       

There were problems
number 1 I dont have the directory, in fact I did
not have a JRE under either of the two plugin directories.
number 2 I had three JRE enviroments too choose from.

C:\IBM\WebSpere studio\eclipse\jre\bin
C:\IBM\WebSpere studio\runtimes\base_v5\java\bin
C:\IBM\WebSpere studio\runtimes\base_v5\java\jre\bin

number 3 I do not fully understand ANT.HOME=x:

I do not have a directory or a jar file called org.eclipse.core, so I
guessed that is was a hidden webSphere var.

I then did not know which plug directory it referred to

C:\IBM\WebSpere studio\wstools\eclipse\plugins
C:\IBM\WebSpere studio\eclipse\plugins.

I tried all 6 combinations ran the following command line.

    1. java -verbose -buildfile echo.xml          

and each time got the same error message : No JAXP compliant XML parser

The WebSpere enviroment contains all the tools and jars I need, the problem
is setting up the enviroment so that I can access them.

Thanks for any Help.

                           To:       "Ant Users List" <>
                      31/01/2003 15:36         Subject:  Re: Urgent problem (Thanks for any
                      Please respond to                                                  
                      "Ant Users List"                                                   

Which scripts are you trying to run outside of websphere?
01/31/2003 09:48 AM
Please respond to "Ant Users List"

        To:     "Ant Users List" <>
        Subject:        Urgent problem (Thanks for any Help)

   Without going into details of the problem yet, has anyone managed to
get the ant version running inside
   webSphere 5, running from the commandline.

   If so did they follow the steps laid down in the help doc

   Or did you have to get further downloads, set more env vars or use any
extra steps.

   I have been stuck for almost two days on this problem.

   Thanks for any help Tony

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