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From "Bob Hays, Computer Geek" <>
Subject RE: Java source summary
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 12:16:31 GMT
Take a look at the JDepend task - that will get you some design metrics.

JCSC creates a JavaDoc-like set of pages with the metrics you desire -
actual data is in XML files so you could parse them and load them into
whatever you wanted.

JDCX is a doclet interface that can also build statistics (it is a general
doclet tool that can be customized to do interesting things - stats are one

Hope that helps.  I've been looking at Ashkelon (stores JavaDoc in an SQL
database) - I want to add interfaces to use JCSC and JDepend (well, plugable
interface that each will then plug into so its extensible) to Ashkelon and
then build a little ant task for Ashkelon - then I'll have documentation and
metrics all in one neat package, available via SQL in addition to JSP pages
(and hopefully eventually EJB home interfaces).  If you're handy with code
and want to work in the metrics space (open-source of course), please let me
know - this is a hot area of interest for me right now (my team at work has
gotten good [and trusting:-] enough that they are now interested in this).

Have fun! - Bob

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> From: Suresh Babu Koya []
> Sent: Monday, March 03, 2003 11:38 PM
> To:
> Subject: Java source summary
> Is there any way to get source code summary for Java files like
> 1. No of lines of code
> 2. No. of methods
> 3. No. of public, private, protected methods in the class.
> 4. No. of unused variables in the class.
> .....
> It would be nice if someone points to the libraries distributed under
> opensource.
> /Suresh
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