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From "Martin" <>
Subject Re: Include xml file in build.xml
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2003 17:18:05 GMT
Assuming that the term "behind" means on the Public Internet Connection side
If not you can setup a NAT server to relay requests for a specific Port (80)
specific Application (apache) that would honor the request



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From: "Steve Cohen" <>
To: "Ant Users List" <>
Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2003 6:48 AM
Subject: RE: Include xml file in build.xml

One thing that's wrong is that it won't work in a heterogenous environment
where some machines are using Windows and others unix.  In that case, this
can work:
<!DOCTYPE project [
    <!ENTITY repository SYSTEM">

Of course, this address would have to be behind the firewall, on a machine
with a web server.

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From: J.Pietschmann []
Sent: Sun 3/2/2003 6:46 AM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Re: Include xml file in build.xml

Oliver Wulff wrote:
> To include an xml file I do the following:
> <!DOCTYPE project [
>     <!ENTITY repository SYSTEM "file:./repository.xml">
> ]>
> This works fine. But I include an xml file which is the same for all
> projects and are stored at a central directory in the local filesystem.
> My question is: Can I define the location of my file dependent
> For example, dependent on an environment variable?

Marginally possible through catalogs, but may be tricky to set up.

What's wrong with "file:///central/dir/repository.xml"?


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