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Subject RE: How to map JBuilder settings in Ant syntax
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 16:42:15 GMT
The sequence of 'echo' messages seems to be out of
wack... I'm using the <parallel> tag with an embedded
<sequential> tag but this doesn't make sense. Can
someone explain this?

Here's my target:

	<target name="deploy.test" depends="cptests">
			<echo message="Starting Tomcat"/>
			<antcall target="tc"/>
			<echo message="Finished Tomcat, should be started
				<sleep minutes="7"/>
				<echo message="Finished sleeping for 5 minutes"/>
				<echo message="[*** Starting Unit Tests ***]" />
				<antcall target="test" />
				<echo message="[*** Completed Unit Tests ***]" />
				<echo message="Shutting down Tomcat"/>
				<antcall target="stop.tomcat"/>
				<echo message="Finished Shutting down Tomcat"/>


The echos in my logs don't seem to be in the right

The 'tc' target should be showing up in between
'Starting Tomcat' and 'Finished Tomcat, should be
started'. Why would it execute the 'Finished Tomcat'
echo when Tomcat did not complete?

     [echo] Starting Tomcat
     [echo] Finished Tomcat, should be started

     [echo] [*** STARTING TC... ***]

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