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From "North Alex" <>
Subject RE: How to make generic rules
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 05:15:08 GMT
>I'm an old makefile user. Now i'm an ant user.
>But i haven't yet found a way to replace a powerfull 
>functionality of make: implicit rules and import of rule from 
>a makefile in another makefile (include). In fact i need to 
>overide some task in order to define implicit properties.
>For example i want to set the compress attribute of jar task 
>to false one time for the full build file and not to set it 
>for each jar task.
>How can i do this?

One way could be to set a property and use "unless" for a target that
sets the properties you want.

You can also call <ant> and set properties for that ant call ... or use
<antcall> :

	<antcall target="update.changehistory">
		<param name="history.version"

	<antcall target="update.changehistory">
		<param name="history.version"

So, update.changehistory can be called from different places with
different values for the history.version

Hope that is useful.

<= Alex =>

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