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From "Catherine Jung (Lon)" <>
Subject Garbled characters coming through from telnet task
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 14:57:39 GMT
I'm using the telnet task to stop and start resin on a unix (Solaris)
server, when the login prompt comes back it's got extra characters i.e.
instead of 'Access Login' it's 'Access ý'ûlogin' (those characters exactly).
These are not valid UTF-8 characters, so when cruise control tries to parse
the log files to report on them it falls over with parse exceptions. (not
ant's problem I realise, but surely those characters shouldn't be making it
into the file in the first place)

The curious thing is this. We have 2 XP boxes running similar build
processes, talking to the same server, using identical bits of ant script
(standard stuff, taken from the docs). One has this problem, one doesn't.
Also up until 4 days ago, both were working fine (nothing been touched on
the machine - even did a system recover to make sure). One box just suddenly
decided to start doing this (no change to build files). The same funny text
appears if I run the build outside of cruise control (but again, only on
that machine).

Anyone got any ideas??


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