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From Grenner Daniel <>
Subject RE: Filter Warnings on JavaDoc Task
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 06:17:52 GMT
If you use Java 1.4 it is fairly simple to get rid of the warning messages
for tags you (or the tools you use) have created yourself. It is to use a
nested tag element in the javadoc task that specifies how to handle the new
tag. There are two ways to do this, depending on if you want the tag to
appear in the JavaDoc output or not. 

They are:
<tag name="created" description="Created:"/>
<tag name="created" description="Created:" enabled="false"/>
The second version does not output the tag into JavaDoc, but JavaDoc will
not give you any warnings about unknown tags.

If you use Java 1.3 or earlier you can achieve the same result by creating a
custom doclet, which can change the way JavaDoc behaves. Documentation for
this can be found at This
involves modifying the original JavaDoc code, and referring to the new
doclet in your JavaDoc ant task.

Creating a custom doclet works with Java 1.4 as well, but it is more
complicated. With a custom doclet you have the option of removing all
warning messages that you want, but that would also (probably) lead to
JavaDoc with problems.

/Daniel Grenner

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From: Aaron Kelley []
Sent: den 5 september 2003 04:47
Subject: FW: Filter Warnings on JavaDoc Task

I sent this message a few days ago and have not received a response.  I
just want to filter javadoc warning/error messages from ant.  Is this


-----Original Message-----
From: Aaron Kelley [] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2003 11:05 PM
Subject: Filter Warnings on JavaDoc Task

Is there a way to filter warning messages on the javadoc task?  I am
using the javadoc task in a massive build that reports the results by
email and the email are over 500k with the warnings.  I would like to
filter warning messages before they reach the console if possible.
Specifically, the warning I am getting the most on is: "warning -
@created is an unknown tag".




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