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Subject weblogic.jspc compilation error
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 17:10:47 GMT
Hi there,

I'm having trouble compiling some jsp's using the following task:

<java fork="yes" maxmemory="512m" classpath="${web.classpath};${build}" classname="weblogic.jspc">
   <arg line="-d '${source}/${sec_webapp}' -webapp '${source}/${sec_webapp}' -compileAll
-k -verboseJspc -O" />

Here is the console output:

...\jsp_servlet\ cannot resolve symbol
symbol  : variable file
location: class jsp_servlet.__showmenu
            out.print(String.valueOf( file ));  //[ /showMenu.jsp; Line: 1]
...\ cannot resolve symbol
symbol  : variable user
location: class jsp_servlet.__showmenu
            out.print(String.valueOf( user ));  //[ /showMenu.jsp; Line: 1]

These 2 unresolved symbols, file and user are actually declared and instanciated in a jsp
page which includes this page by way of an includes tag i.e.

<%@ include file="showMenu.jsp" %>

It's as if these variables are out of scope, although that doesn't make sense, since they
are declared before they are used in the parent page.

What's more they compile file deployed on the server, which makes me think there is something
wrong with the above task.

Anyone have any ideas, thoughts, reflections...?


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