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From Oliver Wulff <>
Subject Antwort: RE: Antwort: AW: Check whether a fileset exist
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 05:47:22 GMT

I'm using Greebo to download all jars from the Maven repository. I've
extended Greebo to create a fileset automatically.
We are using different technologies in Java like Corba, Axis, JBoss, ...
For each one, you have to generate java source files and compile them.
I've set up a pluggable build mechanism for Ant with different build
modules for Corba, Axis, JBoss (XDoclet). You define which build modules
you want to use in a properties file.
In some circumstances, the automatically created fileset can't be used for
compilation. That means, a build module should make the following decision:
compile the sources with the fileset "orbix.libs" if exists otherwise use
the default one. That means, the developer can either just do nothing and
the automatically created fileset is used or he can define a fileset
explicitly (in this example: "orbix.libs").


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                      29.09.2003 07:14         Thema:   RE: Antwort: AW: Check whether a fileset
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Why do you want to check?
Simply declare it on the beginning of the buildfile and use that where you
The _content_ of that fileset is evaluated when it´s used, not when it´s


> I really want to test if a fileset has been created or not. I
> tried it with
> <pathconvert> but it fails if the fileset doesn't exist. If
> the fileset
> doesn't exist the property shouldn't created.
> <pathconvert refid="contrib.fs" targetos="unix" property="my.fileset"
> setOnEmpty="false" />
> Cheers
> Oliver
> -----------------------------------
> I guess you mean you want to check whether a fileset contains
> at least one
> file. You can do this by using <pathconvert/> to transform create a
> property
> containing the files present in your fileset. Then you can use the
> <condition/> task to compare the property obtained with the
> empty string.
> Look at the condition task docu in the manual.
> <project name="pathconvert">
> <fileset dir="c:/dev/asf/ant" id="myfileset">
> <include name="**/*.xyz"/>
> </fileset>
> <pathconvert refid="myfileset" targetos="unix" property="my.fileset"/>
> <echo message="my.fileset is ${my.fileset}"/>
> </project>
> Cheers,
> Antoine
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> Betreff: Check whether a fileset exist
> Hi
> Can I check whether a fileset exist?
> Oliver
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