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From "D Bamud" <>
Subject [jspc] Warning: file modified in the future: myprg.jsp
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 11:29:30 GMT
Windows2000 / ANT1.5.4 / J2SE1.4.2_01 / Tomcat 1.4.27

I often get the warning message...
[jspc] Warning: file modified in the future: myprg.jsp

How to avoid it?

I know that Windows has peculiar way of reporting the last modified time. 
Here is what I gathered from web...
This happens on fast machines running Windows/NT and Windows 9X. 
(However, somebody even reported such a problem on a FAT32 drive 
under plain DOS.) It is evidently due to a misfeature in the way Windows 
reports the time a file was last modified. Current versions of Windows 9X
store this time with 2-second granularity, but the file creation time is stored
with a 100-nanosecond granularity. It seems that Windows blindly adds 2
seconds to the system clock reading when it calculates the file modification
time, apparently to prevent it from being older than the file creation time, 
which could happen because of the greater accuracy used to store the 
creation time. On a fast machine, this 2-second add-on can very easily 
make the file modification time be ahead of the system clock when Make 
checks the time stamp of a file it has just created/updated. 

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