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From (Thomas Lionel SMETS)
Subject When is the FileSet evaluated.
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 16:13:58 GMT

The problem I have is when I do an update against the VCS (either ClearCase or CVS), there
is a set of files generated in case of troubles. Files to be merged in CVS, Files hijacked
in ClearCase. 

I was wandering when the FileSet was actually populated.

Basically, if I need to find the '*.keep' files on my file system after a ClearCase Update,
I need to be sure the FileSet is populated AFTER the update is executed. Stated otherwise,
the FileSet MUST be populated WHEN I use it & not WHEN I defined it !

Can someone indicate me the expected behavior from ANT ?



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<project name="Administration" 

    <!-- Assign a prefix to ALL the system variables -->
    <property environment="env" />
    <!-- General properties from the project -->
    <property file="../PRJ/script/" />
    <property file="../PRJ/script/" />
    <property file="../PRJ/script/" />
    <target name="update.libs"
            description="Copies the needed files from the PRJ/lib to the PrjCommon/lib">
        <echo>Updates the Libraries</echo>  
    <target name="update"
            description="Resynchronized the snapshot with the Stream">
        <ccupdate cleartooldir="${ClearCaseTool.dir}"
                  rename="${rename.flag}" />    
        <!-- TODO :             
             Make sure the ".keep" files are listed to the END-user. -->
        <fileset id="keep.files" 
            <include name="**/*.*.keep" />   
        <property name="keep.files" refid="keep.files" />
            Keep files = ${keep.files}

Thomas SMETS 
rue J. Wytsmanstraat 62
1050 Brussels

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