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From Peter Veentjer <>
Subject Re: AW: AW: project dependency
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 14:45:29 GMT
I find it strange there are no more mature solutions. Greebo is not 
documented, Gump is better documented, but not as decent as ANT. I 
haven`t tried ANTHILL or CruiseControl, and I don`t know if they support 
the things I need.

I only need it for all my small utility projects at home (I have a lot 
of them). I hate putting everything together making one big util library 
from it. I would like to have some control, and I would like the control 
to be easy. I have enough difficult stuff to do already.

Dominique Devienne wrote:

>Then good luck with Gump ;-) I've failed using Maven the first time I tried
>it too, but had I not a specific situation where our use of native code
>prevents me from using Maven, I would have tried again and again until it
>worked. The fact that Maven downloads dependencies (including its own) thru
>the net shouldn't stop you, but that's another issue.
>I'm an Ant user, and I developed Ant-based solutions for automatic
>publishing and downloading of my Ant project dependencies, but this is
>ad-hoc and complex. Until Maven matures to handle native code or
>platform-specific dependencies, I'll stick with my custom Ant solution, but
>it's nowhere near the quality and integration Maven provides. If I had pure
>Java projects, I'd be a Maven user by now. --DD
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Peter Veentjer []
>>>Consider Maven instead of Gump. Maven was designed for what you want,
>>>whereas Gump's goals are different, and it is just not easy to set up
>>>correctly, and plain difficult to troubleshoot. Plus apparently no one
>>>it one Windows (I did at one point, but without rsync, just is sloowww),
>>>although that might not be a problem for you.
>>>Really, Maven's what you're looking for. --DD
>>I have tried using maven at home (where I don`t have internet) and it`s
>>very difficult te set up because the package you download doesn`t
>>contain everything. And I would like to continue to use ANT because I
>>know it, and apart from the dependencies, it has everything I need.
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