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From Peter Veentjer <>
Subject Re: project dependency
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 16:32:32 GMT
This sounds great! Could I try it out?

Shackelford, John-Mason wrote:

>Excellent thread!
>This is an issue we are tackling at Pearson now as we maintain projects made
>up of many components each of which may be reused in other contexts. One of
>the problems with traditional ant-based solutions is that they rely on a
>master build file that maintains the dependency graph--but this does not
>work in a situation where each component is both a top level component in
>some situations, or merely dependency in others. We need each component to
>be aware of its own dependencies, calling build files of the projects it
>depends on if they are out-of-date. 
>Our current implementation makes so many <ant> calls to achieve this that it
>performs poorly. We are beginning work on a new task or set of tasks that
>look something like subant with the following differences:
>Each component will have a component.xml file which will define the other
>projects required. Our task will quickly scan through these component.xml
>files, build a dependency graph and then execute the builds in the proper
>order. Thus we do not have to maintain the whole graph in whichever
>component happens to be the top-level component for a particular project.
>While ant's depency resolution works great within a single build file, we
>hope to provide this same kind functionality among the many build files of a
>We are also looking at defining the up-to-date checks in the component.xml
>file so that we can use a component's own up-to-date check to determine
>whether or not we even need to issue an <ant> for a particular build file.
>Would anyone else find this useful? If there is enough interest to warrant
>it we'd be happy to work with others in the community to ensure that our
>solution fits in favorably with 1.6.
>John-Mason Shackelford
>Software Developer
>Pearson Educational Measurement - eMeasurement Group
>2510 North Dodge St.
>Iowa City, IA 52245
>ph. 319-354-9200x6214
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