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From Dale Anson <>
Subject Re: Need help for ["AntCall" cannot return properties]
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 23:22:30 GMT
I added the AntCallBack and AntFetch tasks from antelope to ant-contrib. 
AntCallBack works like AntCall, but let's you get back some properties, 
and AntFetch does the same thing for the Ant task. You'd need to get 
them out of ant-contrib's cvs, as they are not in the current release. 
Ant-Contrib is at Alternatively, you 
can download the compiled tasks from the antelope project at The tasks are identical other than 
package name. Docs are on-line at


Shatzer, Larry wrote:
> Have you looked around ant-contrib to see if they offer a task that might
> suit you?
> Particularly <if> and <switch>.
> -- Larry
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>>From: Chen Becky []
>>Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2003 2:57 PM
>>Subject: Need help for ["AntCall" cannot return properties]
>>Yes, I am new to ANT, may be you all are familiar with this.
>>By researching from archive emails, I think the statement "AntCall
>>cannot return properties" is true.
>>But there must be a way to setup a property to accomplish 
>>what I need to
>>do below.
>><-- I want to use AntCall to setup a property which based on another
>>property with various name -->
>><AntCall target="input-1"/>
>><AntCall target="input-2"/>
>><AntCall target="input-3"/>
>><target name="A" if="input-1"
>>  <property name="small" value="a"/>
>><target name="B" if="input-2"
>>  <property name="small" value="b"/>
>><target name="C" if="input-3"
>>  <property name="small" value="c"/>
>>Thanks a lot.
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