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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject repost: JavaDoc task and "empty" packages (please help?)
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 15:29:32 GMT
I searched what archives I could find, and I could not find this. Please 
excuse me if this has been answered elsewhere.

I'm invoking a javadoc task for packagenames="org.*", and the javadoc 
builds. However, several packages are skipped. I agree that if I've got 
a package structure like org.orgname.project.whatever..., that I don't 
want to generate (empty) javadoc for packages "org", "org.orgname", and 

However, I have some packages with package.html files in them, which I 
would like to be built. It looks like the javadoc task removes packages 
that don't have any source files in them. Is there way to force it to 
process packages that contain package.html files, or even to simply 
force it to process specific packages?

I tried adding one of the fully-qualified package names to the list, 
like this: packagenames="org.*, org.mypackage.empty_package" but it 
still removes it from the list (I can verify this by running ant with 
the -debug turned on -- I get the list of packages sent to javadoc).

NEW for repost: I've checked, and if I run javadoc without ant, and 
specify the "empty" packages, the javadoc is created as I would expect.

I'm also using ant version 1.5.3.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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