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From Stan Devitt <>
Subject style task disagreeing with xalan and saxon
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 16:19:55 GMT
I have a xslt style sheet (version 1.0) and data  which
produce a fundamentally  different result tree using the "style task"
from the result tree  I get using xmlspy, saxon, or xalan directly, or
through exec.  The latter all agree on the result :-)
Basically, certain nodes are missing from the result tree, but only
when I use the style task.

This occurs with 1.5.4 and  Ant 1.6beta2.  (Default installation)
on Windows 2000 running cygwin  and java version "1.4.1_02"
and also java version "1.4.2" .   I am not aware of failures with
earlier versions of ant.

The data is in two files.  Both have the same explicit namespace.
The stylesheet reads one, and includes the other using document( ).
A xsl:for-each statement walking through the children of an element
misses (or does nothing for) some of the children.

After searching FAQ's my guess is this is an ant configuration problem,
possibly related to which of the xalan and/or xerces classes are
loaded, or perhaps the xml parser property settings for namespaces.
I have briefly experimented with a couple of different classpaths
for the style task without and success. (trying to nail down the class
paths used for xerces and xalan ... ) 

I'd love to isolate this one because,  basically, until I know what is
triggering this xslt failure, I can't trust the style task

Does anybody recognize this problem? 

Thanks in advance,

Stan Devitt

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