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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: AW: AW: project dependency
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 14:36:53 GMT
Then good luck with Gump ;-) I've failed using Maven the first time I tried
it too, but had I not a specific situation where our use of native code
prevents me from using Maven, I would have tried again and again until it
worked. The fact that Maven downloads dependencies (including its own) thru
the net shouldn't stop you, but that's another issue.

I'm an Ant user, and I developed Ant-based solutions for automatic
publishing and downloading of my Ant project dependencies, but this is
ad-hoc and complex. Until Maven matures to handle native code or
platform-specific dependencies, I'll stick with my custom Ant solution, but
it's nowhere near the quality and integration Maven provides. If I had pure
Java projects, I'd be a Maven user by now. --DD

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Peter Veentjer []
> >Consider Maven instead of Gump. Maven was designed for what you want,
> >whereas Gump's goals are different, and it is just not easy to set up
> >correctly, and plain difficult to troubleshoot. Plus apparently no one
> >runs
> >it one Windows (I did at one point, but without rsync, just is sloowww),
> >although that might not be a problem for you.
> >
> >Really, Maven's what you're looking for. --DD
> >
> I have tried using maven at home (where I don`t have internet) and it`s
> very difficult te set up because the package you download doesn`t
> contain everything. And I would like to continue to use ANT because I
> know it, and apart from the dependencies, it has everything I need.

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