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From "Clifton Craig" <>
Subject Build pauses on Linux
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 21:11:05 GMT
Hell all,

I just don't know where else to turn on this problem. I have a rather
involved and lengthy build process that has been running without fail until
recently. I've been developing the build on WinXP and running it on both
WinXP and Redhat 9 without fail. We have now setup a new development machine
which I believe is Redhat 9 as well and I every time I run the build it
pauses. I'm new to Linux so I'm not sure what state the process is in when
it pauses. When I say it pauses I mean it does just that. It stops running
and stops logging. I've tried many renditions of executing the build
including running it in the background, running it in the foreground,
with/without logging, logging to both the screen and disk, any and all
combinations of the above. Normally what happens in all cases is it gets 1/2
way through and just stops in the middle of the EJB task for JOnAS. You see
we have about 50 or so EJBs that are compiled/jarred for JOnAS v3.3 in this
build using their current ejbjar task. It appears to stop at random points
all the time. For example, if the beans were numbered 1-50 sometimes it will
stop at bean 32, sometimes it will stop at bean 43, etc. It doesn't
continually stop at the same bean. What's more if I re-run it after it stops
it won't finish all the way. It only builds a few more beans and hangs up
again. I have to run the build 3-4 times to get all the way through. I've
tried using the "top" command when it pauses to see where the process is and
it looks like its in a "SLEEP" status according to the man pages for top.
Forgive me, as I don't know enough about Linux to understand why this is
happening or even if the process is still alive. The same build runs on
another (beefier) Linux box without fail. Has anyone ever run into such a
problem before? Can anyone help me?

Clifton C. Craig
Intelligent Computer Systems
A division of Global Beverage Group

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