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From Laurent Duperval <>
Subject Re: Problemn with Jasper and jspc task
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 17:20:35 GMT
On 21/11/03 11:46 AM,Stirling, Scott wrote:

>JSPs are always translated (and incidentally compiled, in your case by jikes) to a vendor-specific
Servlet implementation class.  So each vendor provides a tool for compiling JSPs offline (well,
most vendors do).

Weblogic has a weblogic.jspc class:

Usage: java weblogic.jspc [options] <jsp files>...
where options include:
    -compiler <javac> Java compiler to exec.  If not specified, the
                      -compilerclass option will be used.
    -compilerclass <> Compiler class to invoke.

So I guess I should be using jikes or the sun compiler. However, the 
translation portion doesn't seem to work. I've double-checked my 
classpath to make sure that weblogic.jar is in it, and I set the 
compiler as "weblogic.jspc". Yet, I get the famous:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: weblogic.jspc

Hmph. If I understand what you're saying here:

>To go into more detail than you probably care to hear, these JSP compilers aren't really
compilers in the technical sense.  They are translators.  They translate JSP source code into
*vendor-specific* Java source code.  The actual compilation of the resultant Servlet is a
separate step,

I need to get the translation working before I even try to launch the 
compiler (whether Sun's or jikes), right? I looked quickly through the 
archives again and it doesn't seem like many people are using the jspc 
task with weblogic, unless I didn't search correctly. If anyone has used 
it successfullyand there is some tweaking or magic involved to get it 
working, please let me know. :-) Otherwise, I guess I'll go back to the 
home-grown version that used to work.



<Laurent Duperval>

"Women: if it weren't for them, there'd be no civilization."

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