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From "Stirling, Scott" <>
Subject RE: Problemn with Jasper and jspc task
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 22:14:32 GMT
> From: Laurent Duperval []
> So I guess I should be using jikes or the sun compiler. However, the 
> translation portion doesn't seem to work. I've double-checked my 
> classpath to make sure that weblogic.jar is in it, and I set the 
> compiler as "weblogic.jspc". Yet, I get the famous:

No, weblogic.jspc is the translator, actually.  To use this in an Ant script, either use the
<wljspc> optional task (see the optional tasks in Ant docs), or use the Java task like
so with weblogic.jspc:

<java classname="weblogic.jspc" fork="true">
  <arg value="-compiler"/>
  <arg value="${build.compiler}"/>
[...] etc.

I would recommend you cut to the chase and use the Java task to invoke weblogic.jsp one file
at a time and call it in a <foreach> (set ANT_OPTS=-Xmx512m or whatever because <foreach>
uses lots of memory if it iterates a lot of times).

> Hmph. If I understand what you're saying here:
> I need to get the translation working before I even try to 
> launch the compiler (whether Sun's or jikes), right? 


> I looked quickly through the archives again and it doesn't
> seem like many people are using the jspc task with weblogic,

Right, because you can't. :-)  The jspc task only works with Tomcat, although the docs could
make that a little more explict.  I just reviewed the jspc page myself, and it sees to be
assumed that you know this.

Scott Stirling
Workscape, Inc.

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