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From "Sikha, Naresh" <>
Subject RE: Could Ant build scripts be compiled?
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 17:20:13 GMT
Most of the performance slow down I have experienced is in cloning a
hashtable of thousands of properties for every target invocation.

I had to resort to the runtarget target provided by ant-contrib which
increases the performance of my build many times (sorry no meaningful stats
yet). This performance increase is directly related to the fact that
runtarget does not clone the Project model (and the hashtable it
encapsulates) for every target invocation.

Basically, executing Ant targets in the standard Ant way incurs a
performance overhead much greater than a simple stack frame push. Judicious
use of targets to the point of writing custom tasks to do more complex flow
logic, greatly increases performance.

Hope this helps.

-Naresh Sikha

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From: Johnny Tolliver []
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 9:09 AM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: RE: Could Ant build scripts be compiled?

As an incomplete 'make' convert, one of the common complaints I hear is that
Ant is slow. And indeed it is. If much of that slowness is indeed in the XML
parsing, then compiled scripts could be a godsend. If much of it is in, say,
javac dependency analysis, then compilation might not help. Perhaps someone
the know should do some kind of profiling to see just where the bottlenecks

Johnny S. Tolliver
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 865-574-1305

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