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From Robert Priest <>
Subject RE: Failures in exec command
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 14:31:27 GMT
try running ant with the -debug option. That can help you see a little more
what exactly is going on. I know it helped me.

-----Original Message-----
From: Erez Nahir []
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2003 9:22 AM
Cc: 'yardena Meymann'; Gadi Berman
Subject: Failures in exec command

In our application we are running two executable commands in order to
create and fill the database.
When running the build from command line it works fine but on our build
machine the build is running as a process and many times the second
command does not find the db files generated in the first command.
Here are the targets and the output, any idea what I can do?  (my guess
is that ant caches the directory content and because of that it fails to
find the db files on second call, am I right?).
Ant targets:
 <target name="make-db" description="-->Create ahtenaDB">
  <echo message="****************************************"/>
  <echo message="  BUILDING DATABASE"/>
  <echo message="****************************************"/>
  <echo message="Going to run dbinit"/>
  <exec dir="${athena.db}" executable="dbinit.exe" failonerror="true"
os="Windows 2000">
   <arg line=" -p 4096 -b -c -j ${}.db"/>
 <target name="fill-db" description="--Generate tables for athant db">
  <echo message="Going to run dbisql"/>
  <exec dir="${athena.db}" executable="dbisql.exe" failonerror="true"
os="Windows 2000">
   <arg line=" -nogui -onerror EXIT -c
=${};startLine=dbsrv8 -x
tcpip{HOST=localhost;DOBROADCAST=NO;ServerPort=7777} -q -ti 0 -gm 100
-gc 5 -c 16M -ht -gss 9900 -n ${athena.db.eng} ${}.db -n
${}&quot; script.sql"/>
[echo] ****************************************
[echo] ****************************************
[echo] Going to run dbinit
[exec] Adaptive Server Anywhere Initialization Utility Version
[exec] Creating system tables
[exec] Collation sequence: 1252LATIN1
[exec] Creating system views
[exec] Setting permissions on system tables and views
[exec] Setting option values
[exec] Initializing UltraLite deployment option
[exec] Database "athenaDB.db" created successfully

[echo] Going to run dbisql
[exec] Connection failed. Specified database is invalid

[exec] You are not connected to a database.

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