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Subject RE: ant vs gmake - a simple question
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 06:33:31 GMT
> (1). in case of gmake/make, you have Makefile in
> every sub-directory from the root (top) level. So,
> when there is a build failure, you can go to a leaf
> dir, where the trouble happened. Try to do a local
> gmake in the leaf dir and that will give some clues.
> How do we deal with it ant? Would there be a build.xml
> in every subdir or only one at the top level ? If
> there is only one, how do we troubleshoot when there
> is a build failure in the 7th subdir from the top
> level
> ?

It depends on your project layout.
You can have a build.xml in each of your directories and
use <subant> (Ant 1.6).

Or you use a global build.xml for the work. The common tasks
you need for a build are using <fileset>s. Then insert a
selector in that filesets.
Ant makes a heavy use of that in its own buildfile.

  <selector id="needs.apache-bsf">
      <filename name="${optional.package}/Script*"/>
      <filename name="${optional.package}/script/**/*"/>
      <filename name="${optional.type.package}/Script*"/>
      <filename name="${util.package}/Script*"/>
    <available property="bsf.present"
    <javac srcdir="${java.dir}"
      <classpath refid="classpath"/>
      <selector id="conditional-patterns">
            <selector refid="needs.apache-bsf" unless="bsf.present"/>

> (2). Does someone know what are the task names for
> websphere appserver and weblogic appserver that can be
> used via deploy command ? Is there an example (for
> each of them) by which an EJB can be deployed on those
> app servers ?

DonĀ“t know. Maybe some hints in the manual. Yep, see "Tasks | Optional 
Tasks | EJB Tasks".

> (3). How is ant's integration with CVS ?. thanks.

Fine :-)

See the <cvs*> core tasks.


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