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From "Steph Richardson" <>
Subject compiling packages in an explicit order with javac
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 15:03:27 GMT

Looking for the most elegant / shorthand way to enforce an ordered package dependancy during
javac compilation of my source tree.

Currently I have a target that makes an <antcall> to another compile-package target,
for each package. Something Like :
<target name="compile">
	<antcall target="compile-package">
		<param name="package" value="${basepackage}/common/net" />
	<antcall target="compile-package">
		<param name="package" value="${basepackage}/common" />
However this involves multiple use of antcall, which slows things down a bit.

I have also thought of using ant-contrib's foreach to iterate over a list of packages - this
seems it would be more compact.

Is there another way of doing this with the regular ant targets ? 
I assume it's a common problem, but I could not find anything in the archives .



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