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From "Jack J. Woehr" <>
Subject Re: Problem on OS/400
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 15:06:03 GMT
Chris Wood wrote:

> It would be telling in what way?
> If I can't build ant on OS400, then there is a problem with ant on
> OS400.
> If I can't run ant on OS400, then there is a problem with ant on OS400.

But if you *can* build Ant on OS/400, the problem is very much narrowed down.
Or if in building Ant on OS/400, you have little problems which you overcome,
they may add up to solving the big problem you have. And that is my hope
and expectation.

> I really don't see how trying to build it will get me any closer to why
> it doesn't run.

To build Ant, Ant has to run (there's a little Ant jar compiled in the Ant source
distribution). You build by running a script, .... please try it and tell me
what happens.

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