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From "Mike Parfitt" <>
Subject javac task substituting non-alphabetic characters in (long) directory names on Windows 2000
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 17:38:10 GMT
My build file uses the jspc and javac tasks to precompile JSP files.

Both are working, but with one minor difference.

When the jspc task creates the target directory tree, it uses the same names as in the source

When the Ant javac task creates the target directory tree, it is substituting Unicode strings
for any non-alphabetic characters in sub-directory names.

	So WEB-INF becomes WEB_0002dINF

I have tried putting <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> at the top of my build
file, but got the same substitution.

Is this behaviour modifiable in some way within the build file (or when I invoke Ant from
DOS) or will I need to rename these directories to the proper names ?

If so, has this cropped up before and is there a solution that someone can point me to ? (couldn't
find one)

At the top of the build file I have :-

	<property name="jsp_srce_dir" location="C:\Citadel\V3.10\Web Client\WebTier"/>
	<property name="jsp_tran_dir" location="C:\Citadel\V3.10\Web Client\WebTier_jsp_tran"/>
	<property name="jsp_comp_dir" location="C:\Citadel\V3.10\Web Client\WebTier_jsp_comp"/>

Then inside the relevant targets I have :-

	<jspc srcdir="${jsp_srce_dir}" destdir="${jsp_tran_dir}" compiler="jasper41" includes="**\/*.jsp">
	<javac srcdir="${jsp_tran_dir}" destdir="${jsp_comp_dir}">


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