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From Tony Brusseau <>
Subject Question about failonerror
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 18:58:22 GMT

I'm currently getting up to speed in ant and am
in the middle of writing my first complex ant build
file. I've encountered one stumbling block that maybe 
someone can help with.

I just wrote a target that calls junit and 
has different behaviors depending on whether of
not junit succeeded. To do this I used the
following attributes:

I'd like to have the same behevior for
compling, cleaning, "cvsing", installing, etc.
However I only find the failonerror attribute
on these tasks. This will allow me not to fail when
they break, but how exactly do I know when I've
failed vs succeeded at the task and how can
I get ant to do different things based on this 
information? Does failonerror set a property when 
the tasks fails? I could not find any documentation 
on this.

Thanks for any help,

Tony Brusseau
Cycorp, Inc.

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