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From Sebastien Blanc <>
Subject BSF scripting with jpython
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 23:40:15 GMT
Hello !
is there any way to load an applicative jar into the script task (to use
it in the scripting) ? I tried with a taskdef but it looks like it is
only used for looking up the task, not transfered to the task classpath
- at least the script is not using it.

here follows snipet:

  <taskdef name="SCRIPT"
           classpath="addNE.path" />

  <antcall target="checkJython" />
  <SCRIPT language="jpython"> <![CDATA[
from com.alcatel.gem.tl1.types import TelnetNEAddress;

-> I get classNotFound on 'from com.alcatel.gem.tl1.types import
TelnetNEAddress;' line, meaning that jython interpreter does not contain
it in its classpath; any successfull way to do so ?



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