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From "Baz" <>
Subject Re: [ant-contrib - Help] RE: Problems with cc task, using libset
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 00:47:32 GMT
Curt, and all,

No, I am still having problems. I do have the lines you mentioned. I have
attached part of the cpp.xml here in this email. I need to comment out the
libset id section cause it does not work. This is the main purpose of my
email about libset.

This cpp.xml will be "import"ed by child/build.xml so that the
child/build.xml can use the predefined targets from cpp.xml. Using libset id
will be very important to avoid duplication.  Currently, I have to redefine
the compile target in child/build.xml because "libset id" will not work.

Please help and comment.



<project name="cpp" default="compile" basedir=".">

<taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/"/>
<taskdef resource="cpptasks.tasks"/>
<taskdef resource="cpptasks.types"/>

<target name="all" depends="clean, compile, test, dist"/>

<target name="compile_dependencies">

        <!-- Default empty compilation dependencies. -->


<path id="default.include">

        <pathelement location="include"/>


<target name="prepare">

        <mkdir dir="${build.home}"/>
        <mkdir dir="${outlib.home}"/>
        <mkdir dir="${outbin.home}"/>


<target name="clean">

        <delete dir="${build.home}"/>
        <subant target="clean">
        <fileset dir="." includes="*/build.xml"/>


<target name="test">

        <subant target="all">
        <fileset dir="test" includes="build.xml"/>


<target name="dist" depends="compile">

        <mkdir dir="${export.home}"/>
        <copy todir="${export.home}">
                <fileset dir="${output.dir}" excludes="*.o,*.xml"/>



<!-- This should work but failed. Need to fix it.
<libset id="libs">

        <pathelement location="../build/lib"/>


<target name="compile" depends="prepare,compile_dependencies">

        <cc name="gcc" link="${output.type}" objdir="${outlib.home}"

        <fileset dir="." includes="*.c"/>

        <path refid="default.include"/>
        <path refid="extra.include"/>


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Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2004 2:27 PM
Subject: [ant-contrib - Help] RE: Problems with cc task, using libset

> Read and respond to this message at:
> By: carnold
> Since you are not having a problem executing the cc task itself which
> have indicated that cpptasks.jar was not on your classpath, I would
> that you did not add a <typedef/> (which is needed for <libset> when you
> the <taskdef/> which would be needed for <cc/>
> Check that your build file has both of these and cpptasks.jar is in your
> file.
> <taskdef resource="cpptasks.tasks"/>
>  <typedef resource="cpptasks.types"/>
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