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From Ivan Ivanov <>
Subject Re: My 1st Ant Script. having trouble
Date Thu, 20 May 2004 06:53:24 GMT

--- wrote:
> Hey guys this is my 1st ANT script.
> 1st of all i get a bunch of java cannot open zip
> errors. i think maybe the ClassPath i set in <java>
> might not be getting all the jars in that lib
> directory.
> I think also when it tries to run the main app, it
> cannot find schedule.svg which i do copy into that
> directory.
It doesnt't find it since you declared it as 
File startFile = new File("schedule.svg");
and it searches it in the directory where java was
started. If you change it to
File startFile = new File("build/schedule.svg");
it will run.
In my opinion it is better to pass the file location
as a argument to java:
<java classname="SVGApplication9">
   <arg file="buid/schedule.svg"/>
Ant resolves <arg file> params to absolute file names
and thus java will find them with no problems. As for
"java cannot open zip" errors I do not know why they

HTH Ivan

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