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From Anthony Goubard <>
Subject Requests for enhancement in Ant 1.7.
Date Mon, 10 May 2004 19:29:15 GMT
Dear Ant users,

 After a discussion in Ant dev mailing list 
 I've added the 3 following requests for enhancement in bugzilla :
 Add "if" and "unless" attributes to the tasks and components.
 <echo message="username property not set using ${}" 
 <checksum file="" if="file-exists"/>
 If you would like this feature in Ant, I need your support (like vote 
for this bug or add a comment).
 New conditions <containsregexp> and <matchesregexp>
 <condition propery="legal-password">
    <containsregexp pattern="[1-9]" value="${user-input}"/>
 <fail message="Your password should at least contain one number." 

 Keep the properties set in a target after <ant> or <antcall>
  <antcall target="define-versions" keepProperties="true"/>
 If you would like this feature in Ant, I also need your support.

Anthony Goubard

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