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From "Conelly, Luis (GNF, Contractor)" <>
Subject Precompile JSP files with WL 5.10sp9
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 13:22:55 GMT

	I am trying to precompile JSP files with WL. I have not WL locally, but I have all required
jar files. 

	I looked into, but not a clear solution came up. I got following
snippet of code from there:

        <path id="wl-classpath">
            <fileset dir="${app.home}/lib/weblogic" >
                <include name="**/*.jar"/>
       <path id="app-classpath">
            <fileset dir="${app.home}/lib" >
                <include name="**/*.jar"/>
                <include name="**/*.zip"/>
            <fileset dir="${dist.home}/${DSTAMP}">
                <include name="**/*.jar"/>
    <target name="precomp-jsp">
        <echo> Calling Weblogic Precompilation for JSP files...</echo>
        <pathconvert property="jspc_classpath" refid="app-classpath" dirsep="/" pathsep=";"/>
        <java classname="weblogic.jspc" fork="yes" classpathref="wl-classpath">
            <arg value="-verbose"/>
            <arg value="-deprecation"/>
            <arg line="-docroot ${app.home}/public-html/" />
            <arg line="-contextPath ${context}" />
            <arg line="-classpath ${jspc_classpath}" />

	Here's the issue:
	When I set [pathsep] attribute with ";", I got a message which says "Nothing to do", preceded
with the usage of [weblogic.jspc] command (this is, shows all the options as if I write 'weblogic.jspc
-help' in the command line).
	On the other way around, when I set [pathsep] attribute with " " (empty space), I got a message
which says:
     [java] ERROR: Source file
     [java] C:/Projects/GNF/lib/EmailProduction.jar
     [java] can not be found in the docroot
     [java] C:/Projects/GNF/eDocs_Staging/public-html
     [java] Put the source in the docroot or specify the correct docroot with jspc option
	In this last case, the jar reported not found in docroot is the second jar in the list after

	And in neither of the cases I got the JSP files precompiled... 
	Does anybody has a pointer? Any web page or commet will be gladly welcome.

Luis G Conelly
Phone (52) 449.910.7308  DC *879.7308
Mobile (52) 449.123.8749
Fax     (52) 449.910.7801
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