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From <>
Subject RE: UpperCase example by JanMaterne
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 11:31:50 GMT
Hi All,

In my case too its the same problem..
But i don't know how did Skalsky find the method where it is failing to invoke.


if i move this classpath location to the ANT_CLASSPATH it works!!
else it throws NoClassDefFound message for ScriptDef.

  <taskdef name="scriptdef" classname="">
      <pathelement location="${env.ANT_BSF1_JAR}:${env.ANT_BSF2_JAR}:${env.ANT_JS_JAR}"/>

For your more information if i echo any of this like [${env.ANT_BSF1_JAR}] in any target it
displays correct path.


-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 4:31 PM
Subject: RE: UpperCase example by JanMaterne

Hello there,
	I've problems with example by Jan Materne :(
	(I'm a beginner with ANT and Java so I may only bad understand the example)I made this steps.

Because the task <scriptdef> needs BeanScriptingFramework,I downloaded bsf.jar.
The script fell because it can't find  class  org.mozilla.javascript.JavaScriptException 
- also I downloaded js.jar from - the Latest build.

But now it's falling because it can't find  in the js.jar method Context.getDebuggableContext();
  (the class really doesn't contains the method). But the older releases of Rhino js.jar don't
contain any other classes (bex.: debut.debugger)

How can I run the example without complication and what I need to?

Thanx 4 your help.

  The ant code:
 <target name="uc">
       <scriptdef name="upper" language="javascript">
          <attribute name="prop"/>
          <attribute name="val"/>

       <property name="prop1 " value=" hello world"/> 
       <echo message="before: ${prop1}"/> 
       <upper property="prop2" value="${prop1}"/>
       <echo message="after: ${prop2}"/> 

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