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Subject My 1st Ant Script. having trouble
Date Thu, 20 May 2004 04:32:15 GMT
Hey guys this is my 1st ANT script.
1st of all i get a bunch of java cannot open zip errors. i think maybe the ClassPath i set
in <java> might not be getting all the jars in that lib directory.
I think also when it tries to run the main app, it cannot find schedule.svg which i do copy
into that directory.

I am not sure if someone can run my ANT script on my java files. But if someone can help me
figure out y my 1st one is wrong, then i think i can get the grip of doing the rest by myself
(I am not doing too advanced stuff, just some college java homework and i would like to be
able to compile with ANT as it seems cool).

Here are my files should someone have the time to help a newb: 3MB
target compileAll compiles all my files and places them in a directory called build. and also
copies over a SVG image file from source to build directory.
target runMain runs the prog, or at least it should, get a bunch of errors. I feel maybe my
classpath is screwed up maybe? 


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