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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: Using nested fileset in custom ant task
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 21:26:47 GMT
> From: []
> Thank-you kind sir. I have a target to "install" the custom tasks into the
> local ant library path. Since this is picked up first, my changes to code
> that got put into the local jar (during a "dist" target) were not, as you
> suggested, being picked-up.  Do you think the "install-uninstall" tasks
> are dangerous?

I'm not following too well here ;-)

There are two ways to use custom tasks as I see it:

1) These tasks are compiled and used on the fly.
   In the same build that will use the task, you simply make sure
   the task is compile and taskdef'd before it's first use. It thus
   never needs to be on the system classpath for Ant.

2) The tasks are compiled and packaged in a separate build
   from the build that will use the tasks.
   You build your tasks using a regular Ant build that does not depend
   on these new custom tasks, and 'install' them somewhere (JAR'd up)
   so that all other builds can use them.

Using either of these two avoids having both an old and new version of
the custom task on the classpath at the same time.

Lets hope this somehow answers the question I didn't understand ;-))) --DD

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