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From "Neta Bar Tal" <>
Subject RE: How to create paths that depend on a condition?
Date Sun, 23 May 2004 08:00:13 GMT

Hi Vincent,
I'm doing the opposite I'm starting a property in case the path exists.
Try to do it in opposite way.
Hope it helps...

<for list="${dynamics}" delimiter=" " param="dir">
			<path id="sources.path.@{dir}">
		      		<fileset dir="${env.CCWSCA}/@{dir}">
		      			 <include name="*.java" />
		     	 <property name="sources.@{dir}"
				<available file="${sources.@{dir}}"

			  	<echo message="Nothing to do for @{dir}"
			 	<echo>compiling package:@{dir}</echo>
			   	<javac debug="${env.JAVA_DEBUG}"
destdir="${env.CCWPA}/classes" failonerror="false"
includeantruntime="false" listfiles="no" optimize="on"
		                   <include name="@{dir}/*.java" />
		            	  <classpath path="${classpath}"/>


Neta Bar-Tal

* 972-9-7960521


-----Original Message-----
From: Vincent Massol []
Sent: Saturday: May 22: 2004 12:23 PM
To: 'Ant Users List'
Subject: RE: How to create paths that depend on a condition?

Ok, I've found a solutiob but it looks really ugly:

<dirset dir="${src.test.dir}/share-13-14">
    <filename name="share-13-14"/>
      <selector if="j2ee13.available"/>
      <selector if="j2ee14.available"/>

Any better solution?


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Vincent Massol []
> Sent: 22 May 2004 10:41
> To:
> Subject: How to create paths that depend on a condition?
> Hi,
> I'd like to create a <path> that depends on some property being
> or not. This is for putting inside the <javac> task. I cannot find the

> right combination. Here's what I'd like to do:
>     <javac [...]>
>       <src>
>         <pathelement location="${src.test.dir}/share-12-13-14"/>
> ---> start here
>         <dirset dir="${src.test.dir}/share-13-14">
>           <and>
>             <depth max="0"/>
>             <or>
>               <selector if="j2ee13.available"/>
>               <selector if="j2ee14.available"/>
>             </or>
>           </and>
>         </dirset>
> ---> stop here
> The problem is that in order to use a selector (which has a "if"
> attribute), I need to use direst. However dirset lists all directories

> below a base dir. Hence the reason why I've tried using a max <depth>
> 0.
> When I run this I get a "duplicate class" error:
>     [javac]
> duplicate class: org.apache.cactus.TestAll
>     [javac] public class TestAll
>     [javac]        ^
>     [javac]
> xtension\jetty\T
> duplicate class:
> org.apache.cactus.extension.jetty.TestJettyTestSetup
>     [javac] public class TestJettyTestSetup extends TestCase
>     [javac]        ^
>     [javac] 2 errors
> I think it's because some directories are added several times. Not
> why though.
> Is there a simpler way to achieve this? (it sounds very complex)
> I'm using Ant 1.6.1.
> Thanks
> -Vincent
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