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Subject Re: Well formed v valid XML document?
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 01:55:14 GMT
> Are Ant build files true XML? Why isn't there a DTD?

xml instances can exist without a schema definition....e.g. all an XML document *needs* to
be is well formed and respect the rules laid out in XML specification.....none of which states
'for xml to be valid it requires a seperate definition in some recognized schema language'.

in any event u can use the <antstructure/> task to generate a dtd...though the generated
dtd is not the 'one true' ant definition....and is not guarenteed to generate a fully conformant
dtd, so dont be surprised that all your included taskdefs tasks dont get a definition when
you run this task.

I think that perhaps Ant's development occured in parallel with XML's... barring the newer
Antlib stuff with namespace support(which is still a little strange in my opinion) I cant
help thinking that Ant's usage of XML is more as a file format....for example many of the
build meta data doesnt naturally sit within a build process context...and Ant is not comfortable
with composite XML documents composed of many namespaces etc...Ant really wants to be ant
I guess...which is fine with me.

gl, Jim Fuller

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