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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: AW: [Ann] Ant task for the JudoScript language
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 17:52:55 GMT
Hi James,

The issue is not how easy it is to add a judoscript task, it is more a 
of support. If we added this task, we should also do the same for the other
java scripting languages - beanshell, groovy, javascript, jython, pnuts, 
ruby and jacl to
name a few.

The policy now is to try to reduce the number of new tasks in ant to 
core tasks
and allow easier intergration of third party tasks using antlibs.

For judoscript this can be achieved by adding the following antlib.xml 
to com/judoscript in
the judoscript.jar file

  <taskdef name="judoscript"

 and use it as follows:

<project default="judoscript" xmlns:j="antlib:com.judoscript">
  <target name="judoscript">
    <property name="x" value="This is x"/>
      println "Hello x value is ${x}";

This is the way I use the tasks from ant-contrib - which I use in nearly 
all my build

More examples of languages than javascript need to be added to the 
<script> and
<scriptdef> pages to show people that ant does support them.

As regards the default language for script one can use a <presetdef> to 
do this.

<presetdef name="judoscript">
  <script language="judoscript"/>

    println "Hello x value is ${x}";

Of course this does not solve the params issue or the properties issue 
you have


James Huang wrote:

> Hi, Jan and Peter,
> Thanks for the responses. Yes I am aware of BSF listing of JudoScript 
> and the related references in Ant literature. But in using Ant, I 
> found <script> has certain deficiencies, which could be, indeed, those 
> of BSF.
> The <script> does not take a "params" attribute as <judoscript> does. 
> External scripts would likely take parameters and this seems much 
> needed. (I need to check if BSF supports that.)
> When a buildscript uses a scripting language, most likely a single 
> language will be used. Perhaps you can add something like:
> <script *default_language*="judoscript" />
> So that the subsequent <script> tags need not to have 
> language="judoscript" every single time.
> Now, suppose <script> does have the "params" attribute as I wish, if I 
> can alias a <script language="judoscript" .../> into a <judoscript 
> .../>, that'd be nice, too. I see that the new <scriptdef> tag looks 
> like that; perhaps a few more examples may help. But that still 
> requires BSF, an unnecessary dependency and overhead compared to 
> native language support like <judoscript>.
> The biggest problem, however, is the way to pass values through 
> properties; I used 1.5.4. Ant project internally maintains its own 
> properties, rather than sharing with the System Properties. I don't 
> see a need for this but that's the way Ant works now. My JudoScript 
> scripts use system properties, and they can be run within _and_ 
> outside Ant, so I'm not motivated to write a duplicate piece of code 
> in the scripts just for that. To support this, in the 
> com.judoscript.AntJudoScriptTask class, I have to transfer properties 
> values in and out of Ant from/to system properties. That makes me 
> itchy, thinking about the performance overhead.
> So, I created AntJudoScriptTask and <taskdef> it to <judoscript>. I 
> have many complicated build activities, e.g., to generate all the 
> articles, ref, examples in HTML; automated testing including output 
> comparison, JDBC scripting testing that requires scripts being run in 
> a certain order, create various shippable packages, ... Like I said, 
> JudoScript's mission and focus are for practical uses, and is 
> particularly suited for software building and testing.
> I hope that people, especially the Ant team members, discover more 
> about what JudoScript can do in build process, and make <judoscript> 
> an optional Ant task. As we all know, Ant is not just for building 
> software, it can automate any processes; having a direct support for 
> <judoscript> can certainly help many people and provoke the inner 
> drive to use Ant more. Not everyone is into make files or build.xml; 
> but once they discover it, things can quickly change. I will certainly 
> put a lot of literature out there and this won't hurt. Effort of 
> adding <judoscript> is minimal, and I don't see a reason not to. 
> Please spare some more thoughts on this, thanks.
> Best regards,
> -James
>> From: Peter Reilly <>
>> Reply-To: "Ant Users List" <>
>> To: Ant Users List <>
>> Subject: Re: AW: [Ann] Ant task for the JudoScript language
>> Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004 09:43:52 +0100
>> wrote:
>>> Ok, I´ll add that to the external page.
>>> But I would refuse the introducing as new optional task. For supporting
>>> scripting languages inside buildscripts, the <script*> family is the 
>>> right
>>> choice. But if you could modify your code that another 
>>> language="judoscript"
>>> is supported, open a bug.
>>> I never tried JudoScript - maybe you´ll should try a  <script 
>>> language="judoscript">
>>>      your code
>>>  </script>
>>> before working ...
>>> Maybe Peter, our great script-expert, knows more ;-)
>> Judoscript is already supported by the file in  
>> bsf.jar so the following
>> works in ant:
>>  <script language="judoscript">
>>      println "Hello world";
>>  </script>
>> Peter
>>> Jan
>>>> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
>>>> Von: James Huang []
>>>> Gesendet am: Freitag, 6. August 2004 08:26
>>>> An:
>>>> Betreff: [Ann] Ant task for the JudoScript language
>>>> Hi, Ant users and development team,
>>>> I have created a <judoscript> task and am hereby submitting it to 
>>>> be added to the Ant task list per the instructions on the Ant web 
>>>> site. The following is the information to be added to the 
>>>> external.xml found on Ant's web site:
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