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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: ANT: JAVAC (No Class Files For an Incomplete Build)
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 13:58:12 GMT
By javac here Neta means the javac compiler and not the javac task.

It is the compiler that decides whether to generate classes for a failed
compilation. Initially Sun's compilers did genenerate classes even if
some java files could not compile. The current Sun's compilers do not
do this. It makes more sense (IMO) this way as generating classes when
the compilation failed used to cause grief.

The "failonerror" attribute is not passed to the compiler, it is an 
internal ant javac task
attribute and causes the javac task to report success even it an error 
is reported by
the javac compiler.

As Neta saids, one can change the compiler to for example jikes which 
has differnent


Neta Bar Tal wrote:

>I know this is a javac issue. So I'm attaching how I build my src tree
>with javac. When I tried to replace the compiler to jikes , a lot more
>classes were built.
>There is nothing wrong with the task you run
> netaB

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