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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: using mappers
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 19:18:37 GMT
--- D Sledge <> wrote:
> Wait... so if a target file doesn't exist ("XA" for
> instance), it's considered up to date?
No, the example I'm working with is structured a
little differently from yours, but I wanted to go
ahead and get the merge problem out of the way.

> Here's what I've tried so far with no success. 
> and scenario III (switched to mergemappers):
>    <uptodate property="isUpToDate">
>       <srcfiles dir="${src.dir}" file="A"/>
>       <mapper>
>          <mergemapper to="X"/>
>          <mergemapper to="Y"/>
>          <mergemapper to="Z"/>
>       </mapper>
>    </uptodate>

And this doesn't work?  I have this complete

<project default="foo">

  <uptodate property="bar">
    <srcfiles file="A" />
      <mergemapper to="X" />
      <mergemapper to="Y" />
      <mergemapper to="Z" />


  <target name="foo" unless="bar">
    <echo>Target files are out of date</echo>

And it seems to work as you wish.  I also noticed that
on the example you posted earlier, your <echo> tag
wasn't closed, which means the example wouldn't have
worked as posted.  Maybe you should double-check the
case on your "isUpToDate" and little things like that.
 If you still can't find it, I'll be around tomorrow.


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