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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: method not found when running ant
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 18:05:18 GMT
--- wrote:
> [ballen@opacs184 sourcejammer]$ echo $JAVA_HOME
> /java/bin
Here is one problem.  If you want Ant to pick up
/java/bin/java as its Java executable, JAVA_HOME is

> [ballen@opacs184 sourcejammer]$ echo $ANT_HOME
> /usr/local/ant

Not sure why this didn't show up as ant.home .  Let's
fix what we do know is wrong first.

> [ballen@opacs184 sourcejammer]$ echo $PATH

I don't see why you would need /usr/local/ant/lib in
your PATH.

> file:/usr/local/sourcejammer/build.xml:5: taskdef
> class 
> org.sourcejammer.client.ant.SJGetProject cannot be
> found

You could make these classes available for all Ant
invocations by placing them in $HOME/.ant/lib, placing
in $ANT_HOME/lib, setting them in $HOME/.antrc, or
setting the -lib option in $ANT_ARGS.  For a single
invocation you could use the -lib option at the
command line.
For a single buildfile you could use <[task|type]def>s
with nested <classpath>s or <antlib>s.  I won't say
having a system CLASSPATH *never* works, but I've had
enough bad luck with it (with Java applications in
general) that the last time I tried it is an obscure


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