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From T E Schmitz <>
Subject Re: [signjar] prevent double signing
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 11:28:56 GMT
Hello Ivan,
Thank you for your help.

Ivan Ivanov wrote:

> I should correct myself a little. There is no neede to
> parse last after you retrieve it as long, because
> <touch> task has millis attribute.
> You can use it like this
> <touch file="myfile" millis="${buildfile.last}"/>

Touch and the script below worked a treat!
Maybe we should also mention for people searching the archive that the 
following libraries need to be in Ant's classpath:

Jakarta BSF 2.3.0
Rhino 1.5R3

I'm still looking to find out if you can determine whether a jar file is 
already signed or not.
I had a look at the commandline tool jarsigner. But that comes back with 
"jarsigner: java.lang.IllegalStateException: zip file closed" when there 
is no signature.

> --- Ivan Ivanov <> wrote:
>>to get the file modified date you can use something
>>like this:
>>     <scriptdef name="getlm" language="javascript">
>>        ....
>>     </scriptdef>

>>I borrowed the above script from a previous thread
>>ant's mailing list called Ant Get FileSize using
>>exec?. You can see it for the original source.

I had seen the original script but somehow I didn't put 1+1 together.
Never used the option al tasks before ;-)

>>--- T E Schmitz <>
>>>a) Is there a means of determining which jars are
>>>signed with the 
>>>purpose of building an exclude list?
>>>b) I would like the signed jar to bear the same
>>>modification date as the 
>>>original. I can't see any means of obtaining a
>>>file's modification date 
>>>in order to touch the new file with it.



Tarlika Elisabeth Schmitz

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